History Quiz QuestionsQuestion 1 Which of the following statements is true about farmers in the 1920s? The “golden age” of farming reached its peak during the 1920s with profits steadily rising. Because of a decline in mechanization and the use of fertilizer and insecticides agricultural production continued to decline. The government maintained high farm prices which raised farmers incomes. Dire conditions prompted mass migration out of rural areas. During the 1920s the world demand for agricultural products increased. Question 2 Which of the following is correct regarding the candidate and his party affiliation in the Election of1948? Dewey (Republican) Truman (Progressive Party) Wallace (State’s Rights Democratic Party) Thurmond (Democrat). Truman (Republican) Dewey (Democrat) Thurmond (Progressive Party) Wallace (State’s Rights Democratic Party). Wallace (Progressive Party) Truman (Democrat) Thurmond (State’s Rights Democratic Party) Dewey (Republican). Thurmond (State’s Rights Democratic Party) Dewey (Progressive Party) Truman (Democrat) Wallace (Republican). Question 3 Which of the following statements is true regarding the origins of the Vietnam War? The Eisenhower administration funneled billions of dollars in aid to bolster Japanese efforts to preserve its Asian empire in Vietnam. Vietnam exemplifies how American leaders seemed more comfortable with dealing with democratic governments than military regimes. Eisenhower sent American troops to Vietnam to avert French defeat in 1954. A peace conference in Geneva divided Vietnam temporarily into northern and southern districts with elections scheduled for 1956 to unify the country. With U.S. backing the anticommunist leader Ngo Dinh Diem moved quickly to hold elections believing it would result in a victory for his party. Question 4 Which of the following statements best describes the post-WWII creation of “suburbia? As late as the 1990s nearly 50 percent of suburban whites lived in communities with non-whites. Urban renewal was a government program that halted the practice of banks and real estate developers from engaging in housing discrimination. Suburbanization softened the racial lines of division in American life. Suburbia had the effect of creating racial uniformity. Urban renewal was a program that provided federal funds to renovate poor neighborhoods for the benefit of non-whites. Question 5 In 1954 John Foster Dulles announced an updated version of the doctrine of containment known as: “unilateralism” “peace through strength” “peaceful coexistence” “détente” “massive retaliation” Question 6 Which of the following was dedicated to replacing the culture of segregation with a “beloved community” of racial justice that empowered ordinary blacks to take control of the decisions that affected their lives? Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Congress of Racial Equality. Young Americans for Freedom. Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Students for a Democratic Society. Question 7 The chief concern of the United Farm Workers (UFW): was for Mexican-Americans to abandon their Mexican past and the new Chicano culture. was low wages and oppressive working conditions. was getting the support of local growers to agree to labor contracts. was their inability to work out contracts with major growers prompting the UFW to engage in nonviolent protests and a national boycott of California grapes. was overcoming obstacles that kept the organization from achieving any success. Question 8 At the Miss America beauty pageant of 1968 protestors filled a “freedom trash can” with objects of female oppression (girdles brassieres high-heeled shoes and copies of Playboy and Cosmopolitan) and lit the objects on fire to protest the image of women as sex objects. True False Question 9 High unemployment along side inflation is known as: Stagflation. The Misery Index. Question 10 Which of the following is true regarding President Carters Cold War foreign policy? President Carter was praised by conservative cold warriors and foreign policy “realists.” President Carter promoted human rights through organizations such as Amnesty International. In 1978 he increased aid to the dictatorship in Argentina hoping to soften Cold War tension with Latin American countries. Carter curtailed American military spending and refused to funnel aid to fundamentalist Muslims in Afghanistan. In 1979 Carter refused the deposed Shah of Iran to seek medical attention in the United States. Question 11 What was Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization? A reaction to the My Lai Massacre in which he committed more American troops to combat. A brilliant policy that limited the war and quieted the antiwar movement. A gradual withdrawal of American troops with South Vietnamese soldiers continuing the war. A strategy to blame Ho Chi Minh for the conflict in Vietnam and take the blame away from the United States. A directive to key military advisors and officers to implement a plan that would assimilate U. S. soldiers to life in Vietnam. Question 12 Which organization lobbied in defense of the Scottsboro boys? Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) Anti-Defamation League. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). International Labor Defense. Question 13 Which of the following events led Truman to claim a victory for the Berlin blockade? The United States conducted an eleven-month airlift with Western planes supplying fuel and food to their zones. Truman signed an executive order that would dissolve the Soviet Zone and divide its territory equally among France Britain and the United States. The United States along with Britain and France introduced a separate currency in thier zones. American troops invaded the Soviet-controlled zone of Berlin and destroyed miltary outposts. The Soviets were unable to cut off road and rail traffic from the American British and French zones of occupied Germany to Berlin. Question 14 Which of the following statements best characterizes television in the 1950s? Only a small percentage of American homes had television by the end of the 1950s. Television programs were controversial and often projected the harsh reality of suburban America. in the 1950s movie theatre attendance replaced TV watching as the nations leading leisure activity. It provided Americans of all regions and backgrounds with a common cultural experience. Television provided news programing but newspapers were the most common source of information about public events. Question 15 Which of the following statements is NOT true about the Civil Rights Act of 1964? It prohibited racial discrimination in public institutions and privately-owned public accommodations such as restaurants hotels and theaters. It was endorsed by Johnson and presented to Congress less than a week after John Kennedy’s assassination. It outlawed poll taxes and literacy tests that discriminated against African American voters. It was embraced by female and liberal members of congress. It banned discrimination on the grounds of sex. Question 16 Which of the following was NOT an issue that prompted a movement for conservative values in the early 1970s? Tax reform. Abortion rights. Equal Rights Amendment. Racial inequality. Question 17 Which statement best describes the significance of the Watergate scandal of 1972? It demonstrated an abuse of power by high-ranking government officials. It brought to the public’s awareness how easy it was to infiltrate the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters. It demonstrated the stalwart dedication of two Washington Post journalists who broke an important national story. It led to the resignation of President Nixon and a presidential pardon from President Ford. It undermined confidence in the Democratic Party. Question 18 Which of the following best describes welfare capitalism? The blacklisting of union organizers to prevent or defeat strikes. Corporations paid more attention to the human factor in employment. The federal government forced employers to provide private pensions and medical insurance to employees. Unions agreed to demands by employers. Question 19 Which New Deal program did FDR dissolve amidst public criticism that Americans had become dependent on government? Civil Works Administration. Civilian Conservation Corp. The Agricultural Adjustment Act. Public Works Administration. Works Progress Administration. Question 20 Which of the following statements is NOT true about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? It was established by the United States Canada and ten western European nations. It came about as a response to the Soviet Union testing its first atomic bomb in 1949. NATO was established immediatly after the Soviets formalized their own eastern European alliance the Warsaw Pact. West Germany became a crucial part of NATO. It pledged mutual defense against any future Soviet attack. Question 21 The Southern Manifesto rejected desegregation with a policy they called “forced integration.” True False Question 22 Beat poets such as Allen Ginsberg: supported limited government and free market capitalism. invited readers to scream out in protest against the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. defended the notion of participatory democracy. were critical of rebellious youth otherwise known as juvenile delinquents. often wrote of personal and political repression. Question 23 In which state did governor Orval Faubus use the National Guard to prevent court-ordered integration at Central high school following the Brown decision? Topeka Kansas. Little Rock Arkansas. Birmingham Alabama. Oxford Mississippi. Tulsa Oklahoma. Question 24 Abbie Hoffman the founder of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) authored the Sharon Statement which set the agenda for a generation of conservative youth in the early 1960s. True False Question 25 Which Supreme Court case established a constitutional “right to privacy” and set precedence for a future case regarding abortion rights? Roe v. Wade. Miranda v. Arizona. Griswold v. Connecticut. Loving v. Virginia. New York Times v. Sullivan. Question 26 The Hart-Celler Act: Provided health services to the poor and elderly. Prohibited racial discrimination in employment institutions and privately owned public accommodations. Allowed federal officials to register voters. Abandoned the national-origins quota system of immigration. Faced opposition from the civil rights movement of the mid-1960s. Question 27 Which of the following is NOT a program or agency created by the Nixon administration? The Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Block Grants. The National Transportation Safety Board. The Environmental Protection Agency. The National Endowments for the Humanities and for the Arts. Question 28 Which of the following froze each countries arsenal of intercontinental missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads? The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. Question 29 Which of the following organizations lobbied in the name of “personal liberty” for laws prohibiting discrimination against immigrants by public and private institutions? National Immigration League. Young Americans for Freedom. Anti-Defamation League. National Catholic Welfare Council. Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Question 30 Which of the following was accused of passing secrets concerning the atom bomb to Soviet agents during WWII? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Alger Hiss. Question 31 Which New Deal program correctly states its function? The Civil Works Administration constructed highways tunnels courthouses and airports. The Civilian Conservation Corps built dams to prevent foods and deforestation along the Tennessee River. The Public Works Administration built stadiums swimming pools and sewage treatment plants. The Works Progress Administration set unemployed young men to work on projects like forest preservation flood control and the improvement of national parks and wildlife preserves. The Tennessee Valley Authority authorized the government to raise farm prices and set production quotas for major crops. Question 32 Which of the following declared Communism was a religion “inspired directed and motivated by the Devil himself.” Reverend Billy Graham Bishop Fulton J. Sheen Question 33 In the 1920s the term “New Negro” meant: those in the black community who visited Harlem’s dance halls jazz clubs and speakeasies in search of exotic adventure. those in the black community who rejected black stereotypes and a searched for black values. those in the black community who were advantaged by higher-wage jobs and affordable housing in Harlem. Those in the black community who were disadvantaged by segregation. Those in the black urban community of Harlem who moved to the rural south for greater economic opportunities. Question 34 Which 1960s movement of young people believed in “personal freedom” strictly limited government and “international communism” as a grave threat to liberty? Free Speech Movement (FSM). Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). National Organization for Women (NOW). Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). Question 35 The Moral Majority meant those who embraced religion alongside conservatism. True False Question 36 Which group would NOT be considered part of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare? Black activists. Southern New Dealers. Labor leaders. Some elected officials. Anti-Communists. Question 37 Which of the following is NOT part of President Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Great Society? VISTA. Head Start. Legal services for the poor. Job training. Peace Corps. Question 38 Which of the following involved integrated groups who traveled by bus to the Deep South to test compliance with court orders banning segregation on interstate buses? Congress of Racial Equality. Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Students for a Democratic Society. Young Americans for Freedom. Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Question 39 Which civil rights leader coined the term Black Power? Ella Baker. Stokely Carmichael. Malcom Little (X). W.E.B. Du Bois. Martin Luther King Jr. Question 40 The Congressional Elections of 1946: ushered in a Congress that endorsed Truman’s Fair Deal. ensured a conservative coalition of lawmakers along with southern Democrats. ushered in a congress that was pro labor. returned both houses of Congress to the Democrats since the 1920s. Question 41 The success of the Brown case in 1954 for civil rights activists was chief justice Earl Warren’s call for “an immediate desegregation of schools” to begin following the court’s decision. True False Question 42 Which critic of mass society in the 1950s argued that Americans were conformists who lacked the inner resources to lead truly independent lives? Vance Packard. Allen Ginsberg. C. Wright Mills. William Whyte. David Riesman. Question 43 Which federal program under the Nixon administration guaranteed a minimum income for all Americans? Block grants. Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Affirmative action. Minimum Wage Act (MWA) Family Assistance Plan. Question 44 Which of the following was NOT part of President Reagans approach to the Cold War? Reagan embraced the human rights initiatives of the Carter administrations foreign policy. Reagan adopted a policy of “peace through strength” and calls the Soviet Union an “evil empire.” The Reagan administration presides over the largest military build up in American history. President Reagan sent troops to Grenada to oust a pro-Cuban government. Reagan proposes a space-based system to intercept and destroy enemy missiles. Question 45 Reagans program to stimulate private investment by lowering taxes for businesses and high-income Americans was known by his supporters as: “supply-side economics” “trickle-down economics” Question 46 The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution: originated after Johnson proclaimed the United States was a victim of aggression. empowered Congress to end the Vietnam War. failed in Congress with only two members – senators Ernest Gruening of Alaska and Wayne Morse of Oregon giving support to the measure. seceded North Vietnam to the French government and weakened the military resolve of South Vietnam. Question 47 According to historians mass society in the 1950s is best understood as an era of: Liberty and freedom. Stability and authority. Social media and “selfies.” Consensus and conformity. Question 48 What event took place in Birmingham Alabama in May 1963 that led President Kennedy to endorse the goals of the civil rights movement? Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his famous speech “I have a dream” to a gathering of 250000 black and white Americans. Kennedy reads “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” an eloquent plea for racial justice written by MLK while serving a nine day prison term in Birmingham. A bomb exploding at a black Baptist church in Birmingham killing four young girls. Medgar Evers field secretary of the NAACP is killed by sniper fire. The images broadcast on television of schoolchildren being assaulted by police. Question 49 Which of the following statements about the Black Panther Party is True? The Black Panther Party ran health clinics schools and children’s breakfast programs. The Black Panther Party became notorious for purposely advocating violence toward law enforcement as a tactic to increase their political power. Question 50 Which of the following statements is true regarding the Korean War? General Macarthur endorses Truman’s decision not to use nuclear weapons. It demonstrates that the war which began in Europe was now a global conflict. The south invades the north wanting to reunite Korea under communist control

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