Working sheet

Classic TGS ELM Recommended


Manage Activities used by the Instructional Design Wizard

Manage Concurrent Instructional Design Wizard Sessions

See Concurrent Instructional Design Wizard Sessions

See Course Design Accelerator

See Instructional Design Wizard

View Activities in the Activity Library

Advanced Data Sets

Can execute All Grades

Can execute CLOE

Can execute Enrollments and Withdrawals

Can execute Final Grades

Can Execute Impersonated Session History

Can execute Instructor Usage

Can execute Learner Usage

Audio Capture

Can Capture Audio Available to both faculty and students No Should have it

Brightspace Data Platform

Query Data Platform

Query Data Platform (SQL)

Brightspace Data Sets

Can Access Brightspace Data Sets

Broken Link Viewer

See Broken Link Viewer Available Available, not able to use it b/c Course Admin area has been taken away from fac

Bulk Course Copy

Chat Available Available

Allows chat sessions to be deleted

Allows general chats to be created, edited and deleted

Allows personal chats to be created, edited and deleted

Allows user to access sessions of past chats

Displays Chat alias input box, allows the user to change their chat alias

Has access to chat tool


Manage Checklists Available Not available All PCs to create checklist.

See Checklists

Classlist Available Available

Allows the user to change enrollment

Allows the user to enroll users from a file

Allows the user to perform unenroll

Allows the user to see another users group enrollments

Allows the user to select which tabs to display in the Classlist

Allows the user to view and modify flags

Allows the user to view and modify the current Classlist tabs

Allows the user to view last accessed

Allows the user to view the Classlist Report

Allows the user to view the Classlist tool

Competencies Faculty have access to assoc comps Does not Standardize comps, enable PCs to associate to assgn, Faculty should not be able to.

Ability to see the admin view of competencies

Can be evaluated

Change Org unit Competency Settings

Copy Activities

Copy Competency and children

Copy Learning Objective and Children

Create New Activities

Create New Competencies

Create New Learning Objective

Delete Activities

Delete Competencies

Delete Learning Objectives

Edit Activities

Edit Competencies

Edit Learning Objectives

Hide Competency and children

Make Competencies available to other OrgUnits

Modify links between Competencies and Competencies

Modify links between Competencies and LOs

Modify links between Learning Objectives and Learning Objectives

Modify links between LOs and Activities

Override User Achievement

Required to see the competencies Link on the navbar

See Advanced Competency View

See ‘Approved’ Competencies

See ‘Archived’ Competencies

See Competency Service Jobs

See Competency Versioning

See ‘Draft’ Competencies

See ‘In Review’ Competencies

Set Competency Status

Use Compentency Wizard

Config Variable Browser Not Available Not Available

Can edit config variable values

Content Faculty can A/C/D content, PCs can too PCs and faculty are not able to edit content, is done by Content Ops PCs edit content, faculty should not be able to edit content. Need to ensure a goverance/audit process.

: [email protected] Accommodate different content types and editorial/QA requirements in governance e.g., a syllabus or course instruction vs. learning topic vs. 3rd party resource/OER. This may be understood but may need some care with how it is communicated.
-Richard Iams
[email protected] good comment…thank you.
-Olya Jerschkowsky

Add release conditions to modules / topics

Add/view bookmarks

Compile and download content

Compile and print content

Create and edit modules and topics

Delete Feedback

Delete modules and topics

Download Content Topics

Edit the content display settings

Manage content

Search content

See Content Feedback

See Content Statistics

Submit feedback on content topics

View content that is not released

View course content

Course Builder Available not available b/c of course admin link is not available on the Navbar. Available

See Course Builder tool

Course Management Console Available to PC/Faculty but they only have access to view Course Info such as, start/end date, course name, etc. Available to PC/Faculty but they only have access to view Course Info such as, start/end date, course name, etc. Keep available to PC/Faculty.

Activate / Deactivate Tools

Change Tool Display Names

See Course Info

See Tool Management

Custom Configuration Not available Not available

Manage Custom Configurations

Custom Course Branding API Not available Not available

Use Branding API

Custom Reporting Framework

Can See Data Hub

Can see reporting

Manage other users’ reports

Demographics Not available Not available

Manage Demographics Entries

Manage Demographics Fields

View Demographics Entries

Discussion Available to PC/Faculty Available to PC/Faculty Keep available to PC/Faculty

Access Hidden Forums and Topics

Access to Discussions

Add Forums And Topics

Add release conditions to forums / topics

Approve Messages

Assess Topics

Attach files to posts

Can Receive Notifications

Compose New Message Threads

Copy Any Message

Copy Own Messages

Create Pinned Messages

Delete Any Post

Delete Forums and Topics

Delete Own Post

Edit Any Post

Edit Own Post

Manage Discussions

Override Locked Topic Restrictions

Override Must Post To Participate

Override release conditions on forums / topics

Post New Threads To Multiple Topics

Rate Messages

Reply to Discussion Post

See Anon Poster

See Average Message Ratings

See Deleted Posts

See Grid View

See ‘Mark all as Read’

See ‘Mark Checked as Read’

See Message History Log

See Statistics

See User Roles

Set Group Restrictions

Dropbox Available – faculty can setup assignments Available – but PCs and faculty do not setup assgns. Content Ops does. Available – PCs are able to setup their assgns in the model, and faculty should not be able to change in the classes. (NOTE: Not allowing Faculty to change assignments means that they cannot add due dates and make full use of the Calendar).

Add/Edit folders

Delete Feedback

Delete folder

Give Feedback

Publish All Feedback

See and manage Dropbox

See and submit files to Dropbox

Set special access on folders

View Feedback

View submitted files

Email Available Available Keep available to PC/Faculty.

Access email

Can change the ‘Reply to’ in the email settings

Can enable the course’s address book

Create personal contacts in address book

Forward received e-mail to an external account

Manage e-mail forwarding options

Receive emails from external addresses

Receive emails from internal email addresses

See External Email Addresses

See Internal Email Addresses

See the activity logs for sent e-mail messages

See the address book

See the role names in the address book

Send attachments

Send emails to external addresses not in address book

Send emails to external email addresses

Send emails to internal email addresses

Send emails to internal email addresses not in address book

External Learning Tools Available to PC/Faculty Not available This may be needed in order to added Equella links. If PC is setting up the model and not allowing Faculty to add content, then this will will not be needed for Faculty.

Create External Learning Tool Links from available Learning Tool Providers

Create Quicklinks from available External Learning Tools links

Launch External Learning Tool Links

Manage External Learning Tool Links

Manage External Learning Tool Providers

Manage External Learning Tools Configuration


Manage Externally Available FAQ

Manage FAQ


Form Elements Not available Not available Not needed

Modify form elements

See the DOME Administration tool

Grades Available to PC/Faculty. They can A/D/C gradebook items. Available to PC/Faculty however, PC/Faculty cannot A/D/C grade items, nor can they grade from the Gradebook area.

Create / edit grade items

Edit Automatic Final Grade Release Setting

Edit course options

Edit final grade properties

Edit final grades

Edit grade ranges

Export grades for organization

Export grades only

Import and export grades

Manage grades

Modify grades

Release final grades

See the Final Grades Auditing Tool

See the grades tool

See user grade values (API Only)

Groups and Sections Management Available to PC/Faculty Available to PC/Faculty however they cannot setup groups. The setup of groups is completed by ContentOps. Allow PCs and Fauclty to setup groups. (NOTE: if an assignemnt is setup as part of the group, then faculty would need access to A/D assignemnts and Gradebook area. This is becaue of due dates and the ability to change a group grade for a student who should not receive the same grade as the rest of the group).

Create/Edit/Delete Categories

Create/Edit/Delete Sections

Manage Groups

Manage Sections

See Groups

See Sections

Homepages Not available Not available

Create/Edit Homepages

Create/Edit Widgets

Delete Shared Widgets

Force Homepages

Manage Calendar Widget

Manage Homepages

Manage My Courses Widget

Manage Updates Widget

Manage Widgets

Override Release Conditions on Widgets

See My Courses Widget

See Updates Widget

Set Homepages

Share Widgets

IMS Configuration Not available Not available

Manage IMS Configuration

IMS CP Import Not available Not available

Copy course offering and template components

Export content packages

Import content packages

View Copy Course Components Logs

Insights Not available Not available

Access Insights

Access Insights Etl Health

Can Manage Insights Portal tool

See Adoption Dashboard

See Class Engagement

See Course Overview Widget

See Engagement Dashboard

See Insights Portal tool

Intelligent Agents Not available Not available Allow PCs/FAc

Can View, Create, Edit and Execute Intelligent Agents

Can work with Agents that use Enrollment Actions

IPSIS Administration Console

Access IPSIS Admin Console

Manage IPSIS bulk operations

Manage IPSIS Configuration Options

Receive IPSIS Batch Job Notifications

View IPSIS Configuration Options

IPSIS Section Association

Can Create Any Section Associations

Can Delete Any Section Associations

Can Edit Any Grades for SIS Option on Associations

Can Edit Any Section Associations

Can View Any Grades for SIS Option on Associations

Can View Any Section Associations

See Section Association Tool


Manage languages


Create Personal Links

Manage Externally Available Links

Manage Links

See links

Locker Available Available

Download public locker files

Make locker files public

See group lockers

See the locker tool

View public locker files


Manage Login Page

Manage Courses

Change Course Image and Banner Text

Change Description

Change Offering Code

Change Offering Name

Change org unit’s locale

Change Start / End Dates

Change the parent orgUnits of a course


Create course offerings and templates

Delete course offerings and templates

Edit the course colours

Edit the course path

Force org unit’s locale

Has access to the manage courses tool

Unenroll users in course offerings and templates

Manage Extensibility

Can Manage Extensibility

Manage Files

Access course files when enrollment security is enabled

Browse Shared Files

Delete files

Edit files

See the file listing

Upload files

Upload/Edit/Delete Shared Files

Manage Locales

Can Create and Delete Locales

Can Edit Locales

See Manage Locales

Media Integration

Search for Creative Commons licensed content

Search for Non-Commercial Creative Commons licensed content

See the Flickr ISF Plugin

See the YouTube ISF Plugin


Allows a user access to Edit Metadata in the Metadata Editor.

Allows a user access to edit Metadata Languages

Allows a user access to edit the organizations Taxon Paths.

Allows a user access to view metadata through the content pages.

Allows a user to access to the Manage Metadata Templates page.

Allows a user to access to the Manage Metadata Views page.

Allows the user to export metadata from the metadata editor

Mobile Brand Administration

Change Course Mobile Branding

Change Organization Mobile Branding

Nav Bars

Customize System Icons

Enable Icon Based Navbars

Manage Custom Links

Manage NavBars

Manage Templates

Set Default NavBar

Set Default Template

Share Custom Links


Add global news for organization

Add News

Add Post-dated News

Create and add release conditions to news items

Has access to news

Override release conditions on news items

See past news

See Post-dated News


Manage System Gateways

Receive Digest Notifications

Receive Instant Notifications

Set custom email for notifications

Org Unit Editor

Can create and edit org units

Org Unit Type Editor

Add/edit new and existing Org Unit Types


Access pager

Add Friend by Username

Personal Profile

Manage Profile Cards

Required to edit other userb�s profiles.

Required to edit your personal profile.

Required to view other userb�s profiles.

Preferences Tool

Can Change Preferred Number and Date Formatting

Change email

Change password

Change preferences

Change Preferred Locale in My Preferences

Change your own online status

Set login destination

Product Versions

See Tool Versions

Question Collections Available Not available

Create Sections/Questions

Import Questions from text file

See Question Collection tool

Quizzes Available Not available

Add release conditions to quizzes

Add Special Access

Add/Remove questions from quizzes

Allows inactive quizzes to be viewed in the User Quiz List

Allows out of date quizzes to be viewed in the User Quiz List

Associate a quiz with a grade item

Copy Quizzes

Create quizzes

Create/Edit Submission Views

Delete Quizzes

Edit Quiz Properties

Export to CSV

Export to Grades

Grade quiz attempts

Make quizzes available to any orgUnit

Manage quiz reports

Manage quizzes

Preview quizzes

Reorder Quizzes

Reset Attempts

See conditionally release quizzes

See the quizzing tool

Take quizzes

View quiz attempts

View quiz statistics

Remote Plugins

See Remote Plugins


Manage the reporting tool

See the reporting tool

Role Switch Available Available

See role switch


Create And Edit Rubrics

Delete Rubrics

Edit Association Options

Edit Rubric Status

Edit Rubrics

Make Rubrics available to other OrgUnits

Manage Rubrics

See Rubrics


Access the schedule tool

Add Remove Content

Add/edit/delete groups/sections events

Add/edit/delete org Unit events

Add/edit/delete tasks

Import events


See scorm reporting


Manage password policy

Manage role permissions and capabilities

Manage roles

See roles and permissions

Self Assessments Available Not Available

Add/Remove questions from self assessments

Copy Self Assessments

Create Self Assessments

Delete Self Assessments

Edit Self Assessment Properties

Preview Self Assessments

Reorder Self Assessments

See the Self Assessment tool

View Self Assessment Setup

Self Registration Not Available Not Available

Approve enrollments

Create new forms

Delete enrollments

Delete forms

Edit existing forms

Edit submitted registration forms

Manage self-registration

Reject enrollments

See self-registration

Set enrollment limits

Surveys Available through the course admin area, but not as a link on the Navbar. Not Available

Add release conditions to surveys

Add Special Access

Add/Remove questions from surveys

Allows inactive surveys to be viewed in the User Survey List

Allows out of date surveys to be viewed in the User Survey List

Can create surveys

Copy Surveys

Delete Surveys

Edit Survey Properties

Export to CSV

Make available to orgunits

Manage Reports

Manage the survey tool

Preview Surveys

Reorder Surveys

Reset survey attempts

See conditionally release surveys

See the survey tool

Take surveys

View survey results

System Log

Access System Log

Tag Vocabulary Management

Add tags to vocabulary

Manage tag vocabulary

Use private tags

Use tag vocabulary

Tool Management

See Org Tool Management

Set Tool Availability

Set Tool Default States

Trusted Sites

Manage Trusted Sites


Distinguish Preferred Names from Legal Names

See Email Addresses

See First Names

See Last Names

See Middle Names

See Name for Anonymized Activities

See Org Defined IDs

See Usernames

View IP Addresses of Users

View Notification Phone Number of Users

UserProgress Available Available

See User Progress

See user progress for all users

Users Not available Not available

Activate users

Change User Preferred Locales

Create a user in the database

Create public User Collections

Delete a user

Edit mail templates

Edit the users’ email address

Edit the users’ notification phone number

Edit users’ contact information

Edit Users’ Org Defined IDs

Edit/delete public User Collections



Import users from this organization

Manage private User Collections

Manage User Exemptions

Reset the users’ passwords in the edit tool


See the user management tool

See User Preferred Locales

Send the users’ password by email

Unlock locked user accounts

Update a user

View the users’ email address

View user enrollments

View user tracking

View users’ contact information

View users’ defined ids

Alerts Available Available

Cost Analysis Memo

Cost Analysis Memo


Azure Pricing Sheet

Instructions: In the space below, place a copy of the link from the Share button in your Microsoft Azure pricing sheet.

Memo Section

Instructions: In the space below, begin typing your memo or cut and paste it from any word processing software.

Pay-as-you-go option

Pay-as-you-go option estimate

Instructions: Below, copy and paste the pay-as-you-go estimate Excel spreadsheet generated through the Microsoft Azure pricing calculator.

One-year option

One-year option estimate

Instructions: Below, copy and paste the one-year reserved estimate Excel spreadsheet generated through the Microsoft Azure pricing calculator.

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